“Clueless Movie Reviews” began as (and continues to be to this day) the “official” film review blog of 1059 SUNNY FM (105.9 FM) in Orlando, FL. Throughout 2014, the blog was also carried on the website for 98.7 The Fan in Tampa/St. Petersburg as the online counterpart to the “King Felix at the Movies” weekly review segment on that station’s popular midday show, Fan Interference, hosted by Justin “The Commish” Pawlowski, Jim Lighthall, Bryan Drake, and Greg Linnelli. The success and following earned from those weekly appearances, as well as the change in format to The Fan in December, 2014, lead to the launch of this independent site, which I certainly hope you’ll bookmark and visit often in addition to reading the weekly posts to the SUNNY page.

I love going to movies, talking about movies, and writing about movies, and thus my goal is and always has been to provide a perspective on contemporary film that’s insightful and nuanced, but still accessible to those, like me, who’ve never so much as sat in on a formal film course. If the content here ever starts to come off as too academic, too stuffy, and too hoighty-toighty to be an enjoyable read, don’t hesitate to let me know in your comments — this site exists for YOU, the movie lover, and so if it’s ever inaccessible to you, I need to know about it.

Happy reading!