Review: “American Sniper”

As good as we’ve seen actor Bradley Cooper be in past roles, “American Sniper” is by far his most standout work to date.

Review: “Paddington”

Director Paul King and screenwriter Hamish McColl’s big screen version of one of Britain’s most beloved characters from children’s literature is a charmer from beginning to end.

Review: “Inherent Vice”

As a film, “Inherent Vice” is an almost incoherent mess, which believe it or not, is entirely by design.

Review: “Into The Woods”

Musical theater lovers may cry foul at the changes from the stage show, but for everyone else, “Into the Woods” is a clever and fun musical fairy tale romp.

Review: “Unbroken”

“Unbroken” falls short of the mark in terms of the inspirational heights it should reach, given the incredible story at its source.

Review: “Exodus: Gods And Kings”

Breathtaking visuals abound in “Exodus: Gods and Kings”, but they’re not enough to help you overcome that whole “been there, done that” feeling.