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Clueless Movie Reviews: “Looper”

Bruce Willis might have top billing in the credits, but it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt who carries “Looper”, an innovative, character-driven sci-fi thriller that’s easily the best non-superhero entry in the genre this year so far.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “End Of Watch”

The moments that make “End of Watch” most effective aren’t the car chases, the fights, or the gun battles, although those are all done well. It’s the easy chemistry between its charismatic leads, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, which makes what they face day to day and the danger they encounter all the more immediate and intense.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “10 Years”

Thanks to an excellent cast and a script that gives equal, honest weight to the whole range of emotions and scenarios that people might imagine when they think about high school reunions, “10 Years” is engrossing, enjoyable, and at all times genuine.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “For A Good Time, Call …”

Don’t just dismiss it as a girls-night-out comedy: “For a Good Time, Call …” has plenty of heart and raunchy laughs to make both genders happy, and believe it or not, there’s a little wish fulfillment in there for guys, too.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Lawless”

As a film, “Lawless” has much in common with the personality of one of its main characters, Forrest Bondurant, played by Tom Hardy: It’s unpretentious, patient, deliberate, deadly serious and utterly mesmerizing.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Premium Rush”

Cell phones, earpieces, and especially GPS play a big role in the surprisingly fun and exhilarating new film “Premium Rush”, almost as much a role as the actors playing bike messengers in the film and the plot that moves them along.