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Clueless Movie Reviews: “Need For Speed”

Plodding, predictable, and in dire need of editing, Need for Speed makes the Fast and the Furious films look like Masterpiece Theater. Not even the most fanatic of gearheads and fans of the video game series the film is based on will find much to enjoy here, as whatever reminders of the game series to be found here take a back seat to cliched plots and dull-as-dirt characters.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Jack Reacher”

As a film, “Jack Reacher” reflects the aims of best-selling author Lee Child, who created the character in the mold of classic loner, knight errant types of westerns and other literary and film traditions. You’ve seen this type of hero, and this type of movie before, but when it’s done well, as is in Reacher, it doesn’t matter. it’s still enjoyable.

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