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Review: “Seventh Son”

“Seventh Son” is slightly better than the usual schlock period action or epic fantasy films found in theaters in January or February, but only slightly.

Review: “Maleficent”

Angelina Jolie is pitch perfect as Disney’s iconic villain Maleficent, and leads a visually stunning production that’s only possible flaw, oddly enough, is its take on the title character herself.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Thor: The Dark World”

Though it has its entertaining moments, most of which feature Tom Hiddleston as the mischievous Loki, “Thor: The Dark World” fails to soar to the same heights as its 2011 predecessor. It’s a sequel borne of necessity, devoid of style and verve, all amounting to precious little.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Jack The Giant Slayer”

Though it is uneven and it drags in the early going, “Jack the Giant Slayer” is a charming, fun fantasy adventure that if anything at all should restore some of your faith in Hollywood’s ability to make a good movie out of a classic fairy tale story.