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Review: “The Age Of Adaline”

With plenty of charm and genuine romantic spirit, a touch of magical realism, and a shining performance from Blake Lively, “The Age of Adaline” is as compelling a film love story as we’ve seen in theaters in a long time.

Review: “The Longest Ride”

The latest Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-film is a terribly uneven effort. It has its moments of charm, but they’re far outnumbered by bland performances, shallow characterization, and worn-out clichés.

Review: “Focus”

Will Smith returns in top form in “Focus”, a shell game of a film that will keep you second guessing yourself every time you think you know how it’s going to end.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Her”

“Her” is an unflinchingly, unapologetically complex and challenging film, and it’s an acting tour de force for Joaquin Phoenix, who carries this film from start to finish with a performance that’s charming, sad, creepy, and endearing all at once.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “The Spectacular Now”

The Spectacular Now is as effortlessly charming as its lead character, Sutter Keely, played by actor Miles Teller in his debut lead role. it’s flawed, certainly, but the film’s earnest, honest portrayal of love, relationships, and self-discovery in late adolescence is well-crafted enough to allow forgiveness of the film’s shortcomings.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Safe Haven”

“Safe Haven” is a pretty film featuring a very pretty place and very pretty people living out a pretty fantasy about love and second chances. If that’s your cup of tea, then it’s the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day at the movies. If you’re looking for something more, however, best look elsewhere.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Warm Bodies”

As a zombie film, “Warm Bodies” is certainly closer to “Zombieland” and “Shaun of the Dead” than it is to “Day of the Dead” or anything George Romero put into film. But it’s got one thing in abundance that very few hardcore zombie flicks have: romantic charm.