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Review: “The Water Diviner”

“The Water Diviner” marks a fine debut directing effort for Russell Crowe, who also leads an exceptional cast in this beautifully shot historical war drama, inspired by true events.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Noah”

Along with the epic scope and apocalyptic imagery you might expect from a cinematic telling of the biblical story of Noah, director Darren Aronofsky brings tremendous humanity and depth of emotion to his interpretation of the story. It’s that commitment to depicting human feeling in the film that proves to be the most compelling aspect of Aronofsky’s work here, as brought to life by a dream cast of performers led by Russell Crowe, who delivers his most engrossing performance in years.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Man Of Steel”

Once you see “Man of Steel”, whether you enjoyed the film or not, you’ll have to give director Zack Snyder credit for one thing: he’s crafted a Superman film unlike any we’ve ever seen in the character’s 75-year existence.

Clueless Movie Reviews: “Broken City”

All you Russell Crowe fans out there, breathe a sigh of relief. There’s not a single scene in his latest outing, “Broken City”, where he sings anything, and that’s good.